The Red Tent Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of college women.

Why the red tent?

The symbolism of the red tent dates back to ancient times in Jacob’s tribe. It is believed that during this nomadic era women gathered in a special tent during menstruation to separate their impurities from the rest of the tribe. Within the confines of the tent these women experienced a unique sense of camaraderie, fellowship, community, and support among their mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts.

How do we help?

The Red Tent Foundation sponsors and leads monthly discussion groups for women on college campuses. The groups encourage women to connect with each other and have meaningful conversations about the issues that matter to them in a supportive and caring environment. Additionally, we sponsor "Red Tent Events" on college campuses. These events consist of workshops, discussion circles, crafts, and other activities designed to rejuvenate and empower women.

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"Red Tent Foundation isn't just girls talking about guys or coffee or shoes, it was more so girls evaluating and really digging deep into issues that impact our lives."

- Abby B, Texas A & M

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